Effective 4/19/19
Incorrect Address Fee Monthly$5.00
Certified Draft10.00
Courtesy Pay35.00
Deposit Returns25.00
Account Reconciliation Fee
Per Hour (1 hour minimum)25.00
Copy of Account Statement7.50
Corporate Check Copies 6 mos20.00
Returned-NSF or Uncollected Fee30.00
Stop Payment (share drafts, personal)25.00
Stop Payment(Bank Items)25.00
Below Minimum Balance Fee10.00
Cashier Check to Third Party10.00
Share Draft(check) Copy5.00
Check Printingvaries
Visa Gift Card (less than $250)2.50
Visa Gift Card(more than $250)5.00
Outgoing Wire-Domestic40.00
Outgoing Wire-Foreign50.00
Incoming Wire10.00
On Us Check Cashing.(to non-member)15.00
Foreign Check Collection25.00
Foreign Check Return30.00
Early Club Closure10.00
Dormant-Inactive Account/monthly10.00
Telephone Transfer Fee 
(free through Audio Response)5.00
Account Closure Fee 
(if closed within 45 days of opening)25.00
IRA Account Closure or Transfer25.00
Early Payoff/Verification Letter20.00
>2 Refi’s in one year25.00
Share Transfer Fee(our computer)5.00
Paper Statement Fee (per statement)3.00
PopMoney Next Day1.50
PopMoney 3 days0.75
Overnight Mail25.00
ATM/VISA Debit Cards 
Replacement, Lost/Stolen Card20.00
Replacement of PIN3.00
Overdrawn Account (opted in)35.00
Overnight Card50.00