Fee Schedule

Updated: 5/23/2022

Credit Union Service Fees

Incorrect Address Fee Monthly$5.00
Certified Draft$10
Courtesy Pay$35
Deposit Returns$25
Account Reconciliation Fee
Per Hour (1 hour minimum)$25
Copy of Account Statement$7.50
Corporate Check Copies 6 mos$20
Returned-NSF or Uncollected Fee$30
Stop Payment (share drafts personal)$25
Stop Payment (Bank Items)$25
Below Minimum Balance Fee$10
Cashier Check to Third Party$10
Share Draft (check) Copy$5
Check Printingvaries
Visa Gift Card (less than $250)$2.50
Visa Gift Card (more than $250)$5
Outgoing Wire-Domestic$40
Outgoing Wire-Foreign$50
Incoming Wire$10
On Us Check Cashing. (to non-member)$15
Foreign Check Collection$25
Foreign Check Return$30
Early Club Closure$10
Dormant-Inactive Account/monthly$10
Telephone Transfer Fee$5
(free through Audio Response)
Account Closure Fee
(if closed within 45 days of opening)$25
IRA Account Closure or Transfer$25
Early Payoff/Verification Letter$20
>2 Refi’s in one year$25
Share Transfer Fee (our computer)$5
Paper Statement Fee (per statement)$3
PopMoney Next Day$1.50
PopMoney 3 days$0.75
Overnight Mail$25

ATM/VISA Debit Cards

Replacement, Lost/Stolen Card$20
Replacement of PIN$3
Overdrawn Account (opted in)$35
Overnight Card$50